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The Griffin OWBC - 1

You all thought I wouldn't start another challenge? Hahahaha jokes on you. Welcome to The Griffin OWBC because I wanted to do something new and because I like collecting medals on Boolprop forums. All the rules and handicaps I'm following will be under the cut.

Okay so rules are at Boolprop Forums (see this link) so read those. Or don't and just enjoy the pictures. Your call.

And my challenges are:

Seasons / Bon Voyage / FreeTime
BoolProp Naming Scheme (10 Points) / One Bad Apple (10 Points) / Family Scrapbook (10 Points) / Witchy Good Time (10 Points)

Now we've got that out of the way meet my founder.

This cutie is Emma Griffin. Yes I use that face template way too much I just love it. She's a knowledge sim who wants to become a ballet dancer.

And this is her house. I didn't build it. I don't know who did but what I will do is find it and edit this post I promise.

The house cost around the 12k mark so I could only afford to decorate the downstairs and the bathroom. She doesn't even have a bed but isn't the pretty worth it?

At least Mr Humble comes with the computer but we have no desk so she'll have to eat with the food on her lap.

No ballet jobs yet but this house came with a garden so it would be a shame to waste it. Stupid me though forgot that planting costs money so we're down to the last hundred simoleons or so.

With no job and nothing to do Emma used her time and space wisely to up her body skill ready for her job.

But we did have the chance to meet someone. This is Cole. He jogged by twice and then came to visit the lot. He's got a crooked nose but who are we to judge? Emma's turned on by blonde hair so can't fault it really.

Are these pictures showing you a date, or showing you how cute Emma looks? You decide.

The date went really well actually.

Cole is a true champ bringing the chess table. Sure it'd be nice to keep it but we have bigger issues right now.

Thanks to Cole, Emma could afford a bed and a bedside table (and some curtains + a lamp + wallpaper) for her bedroom. It isn't much but it's something!

The good luck just keeps on coming as Emma got a job in the dancer career!

As per the Seasons requirement in my bonuses Emma needs to throw a party once a season. This is the Fall party, only Cole showed up. Which could be worse.

It did provide a perfect opportunity for a proposal though, he said yes!

I sent them for a community lot wedding since they don't have enough money in the bank for a pretty wedding arch. That and I wanted to try out this community lot.

Actual toddler Cole Griffin on his wedding day.

ALL MY MEN LOOK THE SAME SHH. Well actually this is because of the lack of default hair which I fixed shortly after realising all my sim men look exactly the same. But anyway this is Cole Griffin. He's a fortune sim who wants to be chief of staff. Since I can't hire service sims Cole will have to be a stay at home dad until further notice.

Well before you can be a dad, you need to make the babies.

Day one of him living in the family home, Cole blocked the toilet. Had to wait until 12pm to fix it. Blocked it again. Great job.

He is a good house-husband though. And lookie, flamingoes!

Now it's broken and dirty, nice job.

Two plants died but Emma is pregnant!

I love these nature nerds.

I really don't think that is going to be good for the baby.

Well it's too late now.

It's a girl! As per the Boolprop naming scheme meet Betsy.

Emma walked to work after giving birth, lost a skill point and dropped into aspiration failure. Probably should have stayed home dear.

Emma looks way too happy to conceive again after having one baby.

Cole put the fear of god into me when he broke the TV. He was the only one home at 12pm to fix it. Fortunately he survived to tell the tale of the broken tv.

More money means Betsy finally gets a bedroom!

Ignoring the glitched balloons, here's the Winter party. This time it's a birthday party for Betsy.

Adorable. I mean all the kids will be clones of each other but if they're as cute as Betsy then how can I complain?

Finally the plants have produced some fruit! Plenty of money coming in now.

Just in time too, Betsy is going to be a big sister!

Cole had adjusted well to his role as a Dad.

Betsy gets an even bigger bedroom now to fit in some more cribs and beds.

The first snow of the season! Also new plants have been planted and more flamingoes have been flamingoed.

Betsy is a quiet child, never has anything to cry about. Since she was first born I've decided she won't be the bad apple - but her sibling will be! 2nd born will always be the bad apple I've decided.

And here she is! Baby number two, our bad apple Olga Griffin.

Thanks for reading, comments and suggestions welcome as always!
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