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The Griffin OWBC - 2

Thanks for all your lovely comments last time, so here have another one! Previously we met Emma Griffin, our founder, and her clumsy husband Cole. They got married, pro-created and had two baby girls Betsy and Olga.

So lets start pretty much where we left off. Olga is resting nicely in the only crib so luckily it's time for Betsy to have a birthday.

Ignoring the creepy ass eye roll, she's cute.

She got her own bed, sidetable and antfarm. But we're now back down to pennies until the strawberries grow.

Eventually the heir or heiress will need to max their enthusiasm for the freetime part of the mini challenges, but I'd like the founders to do it too. Cole is sports and Emma is tinkering.

First day of school for Betsy!

Leaving Cole home alone again with the baby. I will never not love this interaction.

That evening it was Olga's birthday, good luck bad apple!

Hey it could have been worse, she looks cute! Even though I wouldn't be controlling Olga to give her a makeover I'm challenging myself to 'ignore' her as much as possible.

Betsy is the first to take out anger on the flamingoes, her aspiration isn't the best right now.

Emma meanwhile is doing great, brought home enough for a ballet barre and to pay the bills. Betsy is queuing up to use it.

I imagine learning to walk is in Olga's want panel, but since I can't check I have Cole teach her anyway.

Time for one more!

It's about time you started acting like a bad apple!

Ha! So Cole was spraying the plants, he went up in a poof of smoke, went for a shower and came back like this to talk to the plants. As funny (and as necessary) as it was it just couldn't be permanent.

Cole called the garden club to buy a cure, and asked to join while he was at it.

Ha! Honey you've got a big storm coming. Cole got into the garden club but no wishing well which we need for the seasons requirement.

Super serious cure face!

Betsy needs to keep Olga as a good friend so that she can do homework for her.

Please don't look so shocked Emma!

Everything is going well, nothing bad to see here.

Party time! The Spring party was to celebrate Olga's birthday. Lisa Ramirez is only there because she was picking up Tessa after school.

No child picture since she didn't keep still, but you get the idea of how well it went.

It could be worse let's be honest!

After harvesting the strawberries the garden went away and was replaced with a car for Emma.

Betsy is doing really well in school!

Olga could be doing better.

Emma went into labour outside where there was no light.

But she gave birth to baby Olive! Three girls for generation one.

All the babies are born so Emma and Cole can get back to their hobbies.

And Emma can go back to work so Cole once again has to hang around with the baby. He'll eventually get the chance to go to work once Betsy is a teenager.

Cole didn't enjoy me moving the flamingo army to the other side of the house.

I'm always glad when people spend time with Olga. She's not been as much of a pain as I thought she would be!

Emma finished her car as per the freetime mini challenge, but I have no need for it since my sims walk everywhere so it went into Emma's inventory. We can only have a car if it's been made by a sim so we'll get it out as and when.

Summer party time, a birthday party for Betsy and a birthday party for Olive too!

Adorable sisters together.

Betsy's hobby is sports, so if she's the heiress we'll get a head start. Betsy is a fortune sim who wants to own five top level businesses (ha. haha. hahahahahahaha!) one day. We'll leave it here for now, thoughts and suggestions welcome as always!
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