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The Griffin OWBC - 3

Am I posting this just so I can get up a heirpoll? Psh, no never. Well maybe. Welcome back, last time Emma gave birth to the last baby Olive, the bad apple Olga grew up badly and everything carried on as normal - in fact better than expected. Also hopefully these guys won't look too different next time you see them since I've just reorganised my downloads folder and I'm certain I've lost things. We shall see. Anyway.

Doing two lots of homework is catching up on Betsy, her fun hasn't gotten over half way since she was an only child.

At least she always finds time to spend with her baby sister.

Whilst the youngest is grumpy that she can't go outside. Well it's more like she doesn't want to learn to walk.

Emma went to several community lots to try and meet a witch. The heiress will eventually become a witch to fulfil the mini challenge so we need to get one at least in the phonebook.

Bad apple Olga is acting like a bad apple, thanks for the social worker warning kid!

Well she isn't the only one in her defence.

Another community lot day to find a witch, still no luck. Yes I install Mcllamas in every town.

A witch turned up at the last minute but the lot was too dark and rainy so I didn't take a picture (#aesthetic) but at least now we can call her at any time.

Party time! It's the summer party? I've lost track of time.

Adorable little clone.

Now everyone is at a reasonable age Emma works on the family portrait for the mini challenge.

Have you ever seen someone so sad about burning food?

Olga surprised me by growing up in the middle of the night, in the green?! Wow, miracles do happen. Olga is now a romance sim who wants to become a celebrity chef.

Emma also wrote a novel for the mini challenge, a best seller.

Once a generation the family needs to go on vacation for the bon voyage requirements. Eventually one sim will collect all the mementos but this is strictly business.

A nice family image though you have to admit.

You guys, the kids are right there.

Strictly business.

Emma spent two whole days befriending this guy who eventually decided to move in.

Proof that he moved in, but he didn't stay long. He was kicked out pretty quickly. We need to save on flamingo room.

Cole is having a rough time  being a fortune sim. It's tough being the founding generation.

Olga I imagine is having an even worse time. An uncontrollable romance sim, ha!

Emma is doing okay though, she maxed out her tinkering enthusiasm.

Another seasonal party, this time it was a sports party. Only one person showed up.

Two fortune sims in the house wanting private school things, so the headmaster came round.

We served sparkly fish and we got 3 points. Are you for real right now? Needless to say they didn't get in.

It could have gone better.

Olga didn't want to get in anyway by the look of it.

Fortune sim Betsy is also upset about not getting in. Olive couldn't care less.

Birthday party time for Olive, and Emma! But Emma is at work so she'll have to have hers later.

Olive is just as cute as ever. She's now a family sim who wants to become an education minister.

Eventually little miss ballet dancer came home to celebrate her elder birthday.

Well this happened first - looks like Olga isn't getting her homework done by Betsy anymore.

Emma is just as adorable as always - but now her legacy must continue. Who will you pick? Heir polls are mandatory in OWBCs!

Will it be Betsy? First born Griffin, fortune sim who wants to own five top level businesses?

Or bad apple Olga? Failed romance sim who wants to become a celebrity chef.

Or will you pick the baby Olive? Family sim who wants to become an education minister?

The choice is yours! I'll leave this open for a few days, vote in the comments!
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