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The Griffin OWBC - 4

Me again! Spoiler title image is a spoiler, no? Oh well who cares. So previously all three kids grew up into teenagers, Betsy and Olga started fighting, the family went on a trip to Three Lakes and came home with a bigfoot and the kids failed to get into private school.

But first I suppose you're all dying to know who won the heir poll, right? Well surprise surprise lol title image it's Olive! She was a teenager for all of three images but you guys wanted her to be the heiress. Thanks for not voting bad apple Olga since that'd be a nightmare! The tally was as followed:

Betsy - 3
Olga - 2
Olive - 9

And the family survived the redefaulting! Had to do a few makeovers but was worth it in the end. I changed Olga's hair with the sim blender so I couldn't look at her panels. Also the blonde girl is Alicia who came home from school with Olive.

Alicia is no longer welcome in the house.

Cole is still bitching about not getting the girls into private school - let it go buddy.

Emma's doing fine.

As heiress Olive will need to max her enthusiasm as per the freetime bonus - it's sports. They all like sports. Sports sports sports sports sports. Ugh, sports.

Olga has decided she is no longer going to school and takes it out on the plants.

Emma is breaking everything she touches, I'm going to lock her up if she carries on.

Huh, so after all this time I've been blaming bad apple Olga for the aggresion but turns out it's Betsy.

Fortune sims, gotta love em right?

The last thing this family needs is someone to knock over the trash every day - no service sims means no exterminators!

Or repairmen. Emma has now broken the tv and the computer and has resorted to blogging the old fashion way - writing a diary.

Alicia came home from school with Olive again, they have two bolts so let's see.

Look at these nerds in matching swimwear. Also maxis sky ah!

Just before his birthday Cole got a job finally, he might have a chance to complete his LTW after all.

Party time! It's a birthday for Betsy.

Fortune sims. Ugh! Well she moved out - and took Olga with her. Because the best thing for a bad apple with a low aspiration? To keep them that way permanently!

Olive loves being the only kid in the house - she got a job in the architect career! I think I messed up on one of my defaults, but she looks fabulous!

And since there's only one kid, Cole tries again to get Olive into private school.

That's more like it!

Olive went on a date with Alicia who never showed up - but look at that heavy rain.

The witch from the phonebook showed up! I was planning on waiting for Olive to grow into an adult but now is as good a time as any.

This took forever, literally.

After a shower, some food and a nap Olive set up her new witchy stuff and became a neutral witch.

First day of private school, and the defaults survived the redefaulting process!

I can't wait for these two to have grandkids - the house will need some adjustments.

Emma went to nosey at the witchy stuff, it made her sick. Literally she had to run to the bathroom.

Being a witch is super serious business - the nature nerds will love it.

Party time again! No birthdays to celebrate Olive threw a little house party. Only Alicia and the witch showed up. It was pretty lame.

But Alicia agreed to spend the night and became Olive's girlfriend - skyrocketing her into platinum.

Look at that smile, Emma is now perma plat!

And just in time too - it's time to pass on the baton to Olive.

I think she'll do just fine. Until next time my friends!
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