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The Griffin OWBC - 5

Isn't that title image so cute? Matching dresses and the slightest hint of a baby bump. So anyway - previously Olive was declaired heiress, her sisters were kicked out, she became a witch and Emma reached the top of her career and got permaplat.

Almost immediately after we left off, Olive got a quick makeover and invited over the now-adult Alicia.

A quick woohoo to seal the deal but then she had to go home.

Meanwhile the house has been gradually getting a makeover. Since Emma reached the top of her career and Cole got a job money has just been flying in. Still a work in progress of course - here's the deck.

The new third floor which has just enough room for everything (I like cosy houses did you know?) including two new bedrooms and a spare bathroom.

And the space where the computer used to be now has a comfy little seating area and a radio.

Olive got a new job in education to get her LTW going.

Oh and the garden area got another little makeover, just for pure aesthetic really. Don't plan on doing much with it.

Well Olive was going to propose in the nice new garden but she just had to take Alicia upstairs to the most awkward place and do it there. Never mind.

And her first picture of the new makeover is Alicia harrassing the flamingo army. Typical. So Alicia is a popularity sim who wants to become the mayor. Easily done.

Especially since we now have a little one on the way!

The next morning was the seasonly party - a wedding for fall!

It actually got a really good turnout for a change.

I said it earlier but I'll say it again, super cute!

This was the part where I regretted having risky woohoo in my game. At least two pregnancies will be down at once and they won't be twins either. Alicia's baby will be the bad apple.

Now the wedding is out the way back to the hobbies. Olive is sports like her dad and Alicia is music and dance.

This happened at the same time, so the babies will always be one day apart from each other.

I caught this at the last second, Cole died sooner than I thought he would. Rest in peace buddy.

Emma didn't seem to mind since the bathroom got a makeover so she could have bubblebaths now.

The next day Olive went into labour.

And popped out a baby girl! Never have I had so many girls born in one family. This is Liberty, as per the Boolprop Naming Scheme.

I knocked together a quick nursery to fit in two babies, it'll have to do.

Alicia popped into her second bump and soon realised that this baby thing won't be as easy as she imagined it.

No, Olive isn't reading a kids book. It's her mandatory autobiography.


My bad. But never fear, she got back into the role almost straight away.

Another desperate attempt to get a wishing well - the flamingos really let them down. I'll have to wait until the family shrinks a bit.

No, this isn't Liberty - this is her new baby sister Penelope. I missed Alicia going into labour.

See this is Liberty, celebrating her birthday. I can see how you're all confused don't worry. Me too.

I'm so glad my new default hairs are kicking in, this is adorable!

Maybe Liberty should have been the bad apple?

Seasonal party for winter, this is the best shot I could get.

A quick makeover but that's Penelope done. She's the bad apple, so good luck!

I hope these two aren't thinking of relaxing - they have one more to get out!

I replaced the cribs with colourful doggy beds - perfect idea!

But sadly this update ends on a low - Emma passed away in platinum with the newly defaulted hula zombies. Until next time you guys, thanks for reading!
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