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The Griffin OWBC - 6

I shouldn't enjoy that title picture as much as I do, but welcome back! Previously Emma and Cole passed away, Olive married her teenage sweetheart Alicia and they both plopped out a kid each, Liberty and Penelope.

This was the point where I installed ACR for the first time, I wasn't sure it was working at first.

It worked.

Now both Olive and Alicia have full time jobs, but since we can't have any nannies one of them has to take the day off to look after the kidlings.

Alicia looks pretty sad to be missing work really.

That evening was Liberty's birthday!

She's Alicia with black hair, all of them will end up being probably.

Quick little makeover, that hair!

Potty training faces are literally just the best thing.

Well someone had to have baby number three, at least now Alicia can go back to work for a little while.

Happy little Alicia coming home from work again, and Liberty coming home from her first day at school.

This is the seasonal party, people were invited. People were smustling upstairs.

Hey she looks pretty good! Penelope is a bad apple don't forget.

You're already pregnant don't you dare!

Olive is taking this pregnancy pretty hard, she got a cold and has eaten every bowl of this comfort soup.

Alicia is still working on her hobby and Penelope came too, look at that little athletic wear!

Penelope hasn't gone to school yet but Liberty is swamped with homework. She'll soon have two lots.

Liberty is fine with this, smustling upstairs with Alicia's workmate.


Emma I appreciate you sticking around but please, not your heavily pregnant daughter.

Liberty tends to play alone, I can't get Penelope to play with her which is a shame. She's normally watching tv.

And here we go, baby number three!

PLOT TWIST! It's a boy, the first Griffin boy! Meet Ralph as per the Boolprop naming scheme.

Since he's the last baby he gets his own nursery.

Alicia has now reached max enthusiasm in her hobby!

And Olive finally got re-promoted again!

Poor kid, she spent all night doing homework next to her grandma and grandad.

Parenting 101 by Alicia Griffin.

Look at this sleepy, moody little girl. With all that homework can you blame her?

Winter party time, it's Ralph's birthday!

Hold me, he's a clone but look at him! Look at that hair!

The party went on a tad too long...

Potty training again, it went really well as you can see!

Liberty is taking after Olive with the muffin troubles.

11.45am - Computer breaks
12pm - Alicia tries to fix it
12.30pm - Shock horror

Alicia isn't having the best of days.

Olive managed to get it working and maxed her enthusiasm in sports! Both heir and spare are done for this generation!

Liberty and Penelope are finally playing together!

Olive came too, happy her girls are hanging out.

Ralph wishes he could join in, poor kid.

Why does this family keep getting roaches?

Not an official seasonal party but it's Liberty's birthday!

Oh. Oh my gosh! Enter Wednesday Addams... but wow. I adore her so much! And that's all for this time. Next time I'll reveal her stats, the family portrait will be painted, vacation and more birthdays. Thanks for reading!
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