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The Griffin OWBC - 7

Okay, I'm posting this update because I have a week off work and I'm trying to kill some time. Some of you may know I'm having the week from hell and all that is mentioned in my simblr post here. I'm dealing with it fine but I don't feel much like playing so I'm going to throw out all the stuff I should have posted months ago.

Do you ever forget why you decided to stop playing a save for a while? This is why I stopped this one. Ugggggh.

Fortunately Olive is a family sim so she dealt with it using some comfort soup.

Everyone in the house is such a sports nerd, get some originality!

Olive is in work today so Alicia is taking the day off, she's using her time wisely.


Seasonal party time, it's Ralph's birthday!

You adorable little clone you.

First job is working on Penelope's homework which has been piling up (they were good child x toddler friends) and now you can see why I was so surprised Penelope was doing so well in school.

Empty house time for the first time in a long time!

6pm on the dot a certain uncontrollable someone had a birthday.

Why does everyone in this family (bar Alicia) look like they're ready to attend a funeral? Anyway she's a popularity sim.

Oh boo hoo.

Say goodbye to your homework priviledges Penelope.

Alicia generously donated her time to paint the family portrait, Bigfoot is there since he technically lived there even if it was for two minutes.

Vacation time!

It seemed to be going well, couldn't select a room so I had a plan b.

Plan b is awesome.

All was going well, Liberty was finally going to get a tan.

And Penelope made some friends. But then I realised the glitch was bad and nobody could leave the lot. Or the island so a restart happened. Fortunately it was saved just before but anyway NO VACATIONS. So failed that part, super great. Oh well, back to normality.

Alicia is working her way up, she's going to quit/retire once she gets to the top of her career.

Since at least one person needs to be at home for when Ralph finishes school, Liberty goes out on a solo mission to make some friends.

She kissed him shortly after this. You don't even know him Liberty! You don't even know his name!

Back home Olive deals with some more flamingo abuse.

And Ralph is dealing with a ton of homework, you're not the bad apple you should be the good one!

I see Emma is making the rounds tonight.

Poor Liberty, she only wanted to watch a movie but the couch is occupied.

The girls bring home lots of cute teen townies which is great! Now if only Ralph would bring home some children who aren't playable.

Almost there!

They got Emma's platinum urn too.

This is just not our day.

In better news the girls are finally getting along! They're still not friends but no longer enemies so I'll take that.

Seasonal party! It sucked as usual.

Nobody came? How?

Liberty has had enough with life and is taking it out on the plants, I have a sneaky suspicion that she's the urn smasher.

I have had enough with werewolves in other saves, Alicia don't you dare.

Family day out! It happened so fast that Liberty and Ralph forgot to put actual clothes on.

It seems everyone enjoyed doing their own thing.

And then ACR kicked in for the bad apple and dropped her down into the red (probably) so that's just great. And it seems that's all the photos I took so tune in next time for more... whatever this is!
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