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The Griffin OWBC - 8

Back to the Griffin's after their break yay! I'm getting this chapter out because we're in desperate need of a heir poll. Previously I managed to glitch the vacation lots and failed the Bon Voyage challenge in the process. Lots of teenage angst and awkward first kisses etc. Also that title image is so cute. Heir poll at the end please vote!

It's been a while then, the flamingos are back up and showing off the new default terrain.

And hey the graves are back. Which is a bad thing.

Alicia is pretending it's a good thing and is throwing all her bad thoughts and feelings in the trash.

Ugh everyone in this house is obsessed with sports, uggggggggh.

Ralph and Penelope are no longer best friends, so he bitches about it to his new best friend Liberty. Penelope is making the best reaction face right now.

Oh yeah, forgot about the ghosts.

It's like they're catching up on lost time.

In true bad apple style Penelope wakes up for school 4 hours late.

Olive it's like you're not even trying.

You could at least try to look disappointed.

Olive: "Why aren't you in school?"
Penelope: "Why aren't you in work?"

Too much teenage angst.

How polite, Emma is waiting her turn to scare her grandaughter half to death.

Up bright and early, Alicia is standing the flamingos to attention.

Olive this is ridiculous.

Birthday time! Also seasonal party time!

This is why we can't have nice things.

Hey Alicia completed her lifetime want, that's so great!

And finally the main event.

As far as the clone three go, he's pretty cute.

Ralph invited every teenager he could to his party and they all hung out for a while. Well, almost everyone.

Penelope is the worst popularity sim ever.

You two need to behave or dead grampa will come to haunt you.

Alicia nobody likes a showoff.

Original bad apple Olga Griffin makes an appearance after school with Ralph.

Turns out Ralph likes sports too, when will it end?

Liberty woke up dealing with some teenage problems.

Birthday time! Believe it or not it's winter.

You all need to calm down, we're doing Olive's today.

Okay I may have forgotten she's a witch, my bad.

She's still cute though.

Ralph we need to have a talk about boundaries.

These two are adorable, it looks like they're making a heart aww.

Penelope is really struggling when it comes to homework.

Not seasonal party time, but party time all the same.

Alicia goes first.

Followed by Liberty!

They're both so cute I'm gonna cry.


Not one to cause a scene Penelope grows up all alone.

About right. But we can't wait any longer, we need an heir!

Will you choose first born Liberty? Knowledge sim who's still pissy about not going to college and kisses random guys in her swimsuit?

Bad apple popularity sim Penelope who does nothing but bitch and moan about being alive?

Or family sim Ralph who has no boundaries.

All such great candidates, but the choice is yours! I'm going to be building in my alien 'hood for a few days so I'll leave this open for a while. Vote wisely!
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