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The Griffin OWBC - 9

Another officially wacky chapter of the Griffin's yay! I'm sure you're all dying to know who won the heir poll am I right? Well wonder no more and read on to find out!

I'm sure it's obvious but just in case, Liberty won the heir poll by a mile or so. After claiming victory and kicking her siblings out she got started on life as the heiress.

First things first, witchy business. I was sure to keep Olive good friends with the witch for this reason and now Liberty can be too. Now I realise Emma should have been a witch - my bad so all of Liberty's children will be witches - even though there isn't going to be a heir poll since once Liberty's done the challenge will be done.

It took a full afternoon - it was like 6:50pm here.

Still rocking it, witchy style.

The next morning Liberty decided to visit the witch community lot because I've never been before.

But we need to address the elephant in the room. Maxis what the fuck is this? Either my graphics card has finally given up or this lot is beyond destroyed. What is going on?

I'm deeply concerned with this lot.

Of course there are no potential spouses here so Liberty works on her evilness.

She gets to the highest point which is great because now she has runes on her body and they look awesome.

Error 404: Familiar not found.

Back at home Olive and Alicia are coming to terms with their daughter being an evil witch.

They recovered pretty quickly.

Liberty made it home and started looking for a job as a scientist - her LTW is to become a mad scientist. Nothing today it would seem.

So she's on a spouse hunt. She danced with this guy for a while who wasn't interested, then he left.

A bit of solo bowling hoping someone would join in (they did not)

Then the guy from before came back so she stalked him until he left again. We're not doing too well.

Seriously there hasn't been this much rejection since Rowena's first daddy hunt in my WYDC.

Even this guy, Reed, rejected Liberty twice before I said enough is enough and persisted. It went well.


I hope you learned something here. Probably not.

All those flowers can only mean one thing - another desperate attempt at getting the wishing well. I've already failed Bon Voyage and I'm not failing Seasons without a fight.

You come into MY house and offend MY flamingos.


So after that wonderful failure Liberty invites Reed around.

She proposes they buy a fishtank together and he said yes!

I used the wedding as an opportunity for a seasonal party - look how little of a shit Olive gave. The wedding wasn't even in her interactions queue.

Shoutout to the snow for melting between those two pictures. At least it finally looks like spring.

Reed looks like every sim I ever made aged 12.

No time to waste, time for a bun in the oven.

Sigh, everyone in this house either likes sports or dancing. No variety with any of you people.

I gave Liberty a makeover *cough pregnancy mesh cough* but she started throwing up before I could show it off.

Oh look, how unexpected.

I got rid of the axe throwing thing and replaced it with a basketball hoop - much better idea.

I caught these two playing red hands round the back of the house. I hope that isn't pee. I'm calling it the forgotten spouse corner.

You need to stop.

I rarely use witches properly (I just like the sparkly skin and occasional idles) so I tried out some spells with Liberty.

Maybe not the best idea I've had.

Yeah probably could have gone better.

I'm sorry okay. In other news he has the hots for Bella goth and he's really good friends with Alicia.

No time to worry about any of that, it's baby time!

Um. Uh huh. Ermmmm.

I don't know what I did but I broke it. So meet the mystery little girl who is following the naming scheme - O for Olivia! She's named after her grandma. So next time watch me try to work out Olivia's (wonderful) skin colour and Liberty will pop out two more kids!
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